Washington Post Apologizes for Flyergate

by Mike on July 6, 2009

in Media Bias,Politics

The Washington Post has apologized for their recent attempt to sell lobbyists off-the-record access to key members of the Obama administration and members of its editorial board for $25,000 a pop.  Of course they only did so after the flyers advertising the salons were discovered.  Now the Post is in damage-control mode.  Who knew that a journalistic equivalent of a whorehouse would be so concerned about its reputation?

Sadly, the fact that an established mainstream media outfit would abandon all pretense of ethics while insulting our intelligence is not even close to the most troubling part of the story.  The MSM crossed that Rubicon years ago.  The troubling part of the story is the cozy relationship between a supposedly independent media and the highest levels of government.

Here, the Washington Post demonstrated its capability of delivering off-the-record access to key members of the Obama Administration, a situation that is only possible when the Obama Administration can send its officials to such gatherings without having to worry about the Post abandoning its role as a mouthpiece for the Administration while pretending to be the watchdogs of democracy.  That’s because the newspaper’s financial venture would have been dependent on the Obama Administration supplying the officials, something the Administration would not do if the Post dreamed of reporting on the Administration as it should.

Rush Limbaugh calls the MSM state-run media.  I don’t know if that’s an entirely accurate description because the media seems to have volunteered for the role, but it’s close enough.  Thankfully, we have our samizdat in the form of internet and talk radio.

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