To Obama: Is this 2009 or 1985?

by Ryan on July 7, 2009

in International Relations,Nostalgia,Russia,War on Terror

A missile reduction treaty with the Soviet Union Russia?  With Iran on the verge of getting nukes, Eastern Europe fearing a return of Russian Imperialism and looking to America for support, with North Korea ready to ignite the planet, with heightened violence in Afghanistan, we’re reducing missiles with the Russians?  Huh?  Did I just step out of a DeLorean or is Obama feebly trying too hard to accomplish something in foreign affairs? 

We can reduce our numbers down to a few hundred — it isn’t going to matter!  We’ll still be able to blow each other completely to smithereens AND make the rubble bounce a few times.  While a nice gesture reminiscent of the 1980s (when this kind of thing actually made a difference), it’s a meaningless one — the Russians want no missile defense in Poland, we want to be able to take short cuts to Afghanistan.  They’ve let us take short cuts, so does that mean we eventually sell-out Eastern Europe on this trip? 

Stay tuned!  Barry’s still in Russia and he is the anti-Reagan in so many ways.  Run for it, Marty!

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