Alec Baldwin Considers Run for Congress

by Mike on July 8, 2009

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With Arnold Schwarzenegger running California into the ground and Al Franken returning Minnesota to joke status, Alec Baldwin has decided that now is the perfect time to float the idea of running for Congress.  Oddly, Baldwin doesn’t know which state he wants to represent, though he says that his dream is to challenge Joe Lieberman in Connecticut because he is too conservative.  Apparently, New York and New Jersey are also possibilities, but Ohio is plum out of luck.  Baldwin has decided not to run for Governor in the Buckeye State.  I know Baldwin is a pantywaist, but is really that afraid of John Kasich?

Now before you call this funniest joke Baldwin ever told (and you obviously never saw this skit if you do), let’s at least give credit where credit is due.  There is hardly a shortage angry left-wing celebrities eager to show the nation how misinformed they are, but few of those celebrities are willing to offer themselves up to the voters they insult.  Baldwin is at least considering the possibility of putting his name on the line, even if he were to run in a safe district.  For that, he should be commended.

Running for office is difficult.  By his own admission, Baldwin has given potential opponents plenty of fodder over the years and as Maggie’s Notebook points out, there is plenty of fodder.

Ultimately, I think Baldwin would win if he decides to run because let’s face it, as his reluctance to run in Ohio shows, Baldwin will not run in anything but the safest of Democrat districts.  On the bright side, the Republicans may have found a prolific fundraiser.

Hat tip:  Sister Toldjah

Pic of Baldwin excoriating fireman with the tired “do you know who I am” routine via Derek Hail

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