China’s Uighur Problem Only a Symptom

by Ryan on July 8, 2009

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As Chinese President Hu Jintao joins the G-8 Summit in Italy, problems linger across China.  Seriously, what the heck was a “uighur” just a few months ago?  Now they’re rioting in the streets and around have 156 died while over a thousand have been “rounded-up” Chinese-style as a result:

It’s this very internal domestic tumult (first the Tibetans, then the pro-democracy movement, religious groups, always the peasants, now the uighurs) which China will have to deal with if they are to eclipse us as the next superpower.  Frankly, Obama is nearly ensuring that our hegemonic days are numbered and that usurpation will take place sooner rather than later because of Obama’s foreign and domestic policies. 

Since 1979, China has moved 100 million people into the middle and upper class.  Yet, that’s still less than 10% of their population.  Most of the country are poor peasants perpetually repressed by the government — news of only a few such disturbances ever reach the outside world.  The Internet will force the government to deal with that big, scary outside world, as well as the young people who will demand the boundaries of Internet censorship be lifted. 

More proof that market economies eventually lead to demands of greater political freedom.  The two are inextricably tied.  Perhaps someone can remind Obama about that at the G-8.  I’m sure Hu Jintao will be quiet on the subject.

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john July 9, 2009 at 1:31 am

These uighurs are radical muslim extremist seeking to carve out chinese land for a theocracy. These thugs, murders, terrorist are being used as pawn from outside sources to cause instability in china. I seriously doubt the world needs a new radical islamic state, we all know how much they love democracy. The version will be democrazy. Over 150 innocent civilians killed in their peaceful protest, yeah by terrorist standards.


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