The Impact of Cap and Trade Hits Close To Home

by Sal on July 8, 2009

in Politics

Cap and Trade, the “climate change” bill created to combat the fictitious climate change hoax will impact all areas of life and affect virtually everyone in this country.  One aspect of this is home ownership.  Besides draconian,  new building codes being enforced on new construction, the bill requires that all homes have a published energy efficiency rating.  That means that your local officials have the power to inspect your home to determine how energy efficient it is.  The bill also requires that states have a certain percentage of buildings within the state meet specific energy codes.  That means that the states will have a large incentive to force homeowners to retrofit their homes for energy efficiency.

The bill would, in fact, pave the way for the erosion of private property rights.  Private property is one of the cornerstones of a free society.  As that right slowly gets stripped down, and the state slowly gains control of everything from how many light bulbs one can have to what type of Air Conditioner one can install, the individual property owner loses ownership of their home in the practical sense.   The insidious part of Cap and Trade is that it puts the tentacles of government into nearly all aspects of one’s life in the name of saving the planet.  Home ownership is the American Dream, but under this scheme, that dream will come with a slew of government stipulations.

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