GOP Stimulus Ad Makes The Point

by Sal on July 9, 2009

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With Obama’s approval ratings now hovering at about 50% and the economy continuing to flounder, the Republicans have a real opportunity to score some political points.  As pointed out previously, the first stimulus package is a complete disaster, and Democrats are worried, so much so that they are considering a second stimulus.  Well, the GOP is pointing out that the first one hasn’t worked so well, even though the delusional Democrats are trying to maintain that it has:

This is a well done ad.  It contrasts the words of Obama with thel simple economic facts that make sense to ordinary Americans, while pointing out general ideas that the GOP has (although avoids specifics) which are popular with the American people — tax cuts and reduced spending.  Overall, a well done ad that starts to pave the way for 2010.

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Ryan July 9, 2009 at 12:44 pm

The Dems make it really easy to use their words against them. Obama’s said plenty of things like this, but Joe Biden is another treasure chest of liberal hypocrisy and perpetual gaffes.

I like that the GOP is paying attention, but vague solutions and contrasts will only keep the GOP moving for about a year. The GOP needs the tried-and-true tax cuts message and more importantly specific SPENDING cuts. That would be really bold!


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