Specter Accuses Primary Challenger of Not Being A Real Democrat

by Sal on July 10, 2009

in Election 2010,Politics

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) officially announced that he would challenge Sen. Benedict Arlen Specter in the Democrat Primary next year for Senate.  Specter responded by accusing Sestak of only being a recent convert to the Democrat Party (Sestek declared his affiliation with the Democrat Party n  in 2006, at least three years before Arlen Specter switched parties).  Now, I’ve seen politicians make stupid lines of attack before, but this one has to take the cake.  It would be like Rep. Patrick Kennedy attacking a primary challenger for getting drunk once in a while, or like Bill Clinton attacking his primary opponent for marital infidelity.  If this is the best line of attack that Specter can come up with, he’s toast.

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