2010 Optimism Unclear

by Ryan on July 15, 2009

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It’s early, but our government is staunchly liberal and the public’s patience is wearing thin with the Democrat’s bald-faced tax-and-spend impulse.  Being intellectually honest with myself, I have to ask:  is the conservative optimism out there simply an emotional response against a dangerous government’s increasingly unpopular policies or is there evidence, both historical and otherwise substantive, that 2010 is going to be a potential political earthquake in the Right’s favor?

Some believe so and are willing to be unabashed about it.  No one can predict the future, just extrapolate a trajectory based on where things are now.  Most of the time in politics that’s pretty sound reasoning.  However, at this point in Dubya’s Administration, he was essentially a lame duck having lost the popular vote to Gore as the Left, the media, and many Americans were just waiting out Bush until Gore could have his rightful throne delivered by 2004.  “Selected not elected” chants still rang painlessly in our ears just as “Get out of Dick Cheney’s house” rang painfully in theirs.  The Republicans had just lost the Senate because of Vermont’s Jumping Jim Jeffords and things looked grim for the GOP.  Then, as we all know, the unexpected happened that September. 

Who knows what 2010 is going to look like?  In fact, just making it to 2010 as a fiscally solvent nation is more of a concern than which RINO will beat which Blue Dog at this point in time.  Of course it looks good from today’s snapshot, but the future is unclear — more needs to play-out.  Many things can happen between now and next November.  In the meantime, the Right should not rely merely on optimism, but focus strongly on principle and (most importantly) action.

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