A Lucid Moment at the Post

by Ryan on July 16, 2009

in Economy,Media Bias,Politics

The Washington Post ran an editorial yesterday which actually criticized Congress’ latest health care proposal!  That’s right, the Washington Post, known for it’s Obama-Mania and mindless acquiescence to anything Dear Leader wants, actually criticized Democrat plans to pay for socialized health care through taxing the rich:

“Pretending that ‘the rich’ alone can fund government, let alone the kind of activist government that the president and Congress envision, is bad policy any way you look at it.”

Wow!  I mean the editorial still promotes a deeper progressive tax system to hurt the rich, but apparently draws the line on how much one should hurt the rich.  It ain’t perfect, but if the Compost is actually critical of this plan, hopefully the concept behind this or any other bill which tries to use these hidebound class-warfare tactics to ruin our health care system with minimal debate will burn itself out in due time.

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RWB July 18, 2009 at 6:51 am

Watch out for flying pigs.

If even the loony left at the Wash Post can see that this class-warfare BS won’t work, its no wonder that Our Dear Leader had to come to the podium to try to rally his troops. With the numbers for a Zogby poll showing that more Americans oppose than favor this new plan it seems that Healthcare Reform is a losing topic.


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