It’s Now the Willis Tower

by Ryan on July 17, 2009

in Anything Else,Nostalgia

Whatever!  The building pictured above will always be the Sears Tower deep down.  A London-based firm, Willis Group Holdings, has secured naming rights for the building and officially took advantage of this fact yesterday

Before Ferris Bueller, I didn’t know anything about the Sears Tower, other than it was taller than anything in New York (the WTC being the tallest two buildings in NYC at the time).  Later, its size made it a potential target for terrorists too.  To be honest, aside from the cool new Skydeck and being the most recognizable landmark of the Chicago skyline, it’s just another tall building nowadays.  However, it once was the tallest building on Earth for 24 years (now it’s the seventh).  It deserves some respect for that.

Nonetheless, it took me years to remember such changes like “Myanmar” from Burma,”Russia” from the Soviet Union, and “Mumbai” from Bombay!  Now, the “Willis Tower”?  Too much.

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