Janeane Garofalo Seeks Liberal Alternative to Mainstream Media

by Mike on July 19, 2009

in Media Bias,Politics

Janeane Garofalo recently fled the country to complain to the BBC about the dearth of liberal media outlets in the United States.  How does she know the media isn’t liberal enough you ask?  Simple.  American media can’t be liberal because they never take Garofalo seriously:

And I got involved in certain anti-war groups and stuff like that, and I would be invited on to these so-called news programs, but not because they thought I was any kind of a thinker. It was mostly just to mock and marginalize the anti-war movement and things of that nature.

Click the link and read the whole thing if you want a chuckle.  Even better, give it a listen through the BBC audio linked to Newsbusters.

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AuntieMadder July 21, 2009 at 11:40 am

So, Janeane Garofalo pulled a Dixie Chicks. She must have instant Karma because it backfired on her much more quickly than the Chicks felt their backlash.


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