Reid Says He’ll Wait ’til September

by Ryan on July 23, 2009

in Economy,Election 2010,Politics

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has indicated that the Obamacare proposals on the table will not be voted on until after the August recess.  After the President’s terribly filibustered, lie-ridden monologue last night, it must have seemed clear that this Obamacare initiative is not going to fly in the Senate.   Even the 52 House Blue Dogs are squeamish and not likely to vote with any plan currently proposed until after the recess.

Not a smart political move for Reid and the Democrats – constituents in their home states/districts will ream them a new one all over this country for a month!  Maybe, too scared to confront Obama directly yet sensing weakness in the polls, this is the way Reid hopes to get some control back in Washington.  Either way, potentially bad political move, but great for freedom and our economy as the quality of our health care remains in tact until the end of the summer — I’ll be sure to get sick before Congress comes back in the Fall.

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