Legalizing Euthanasia with Obamacare

by Ryan on July 29, 2009

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There are philosophical problems I have with the House’s Obamacare bill, and a national health service to begin with:  it nationalizes our bodies, essentially turning us into slaves (they didn’t own their bodies either) by telling us what to eat, how to live, denying care based on choices we make that the government deems “bad,” plus rationing care without giving us choice.  Nationalizing our bodies in a single-payer national health service a smiley form of slavery:  a soft tyranny America will never escape from.

Yet, it’s the denying care part of the above rant that is starting to surface in a more pronounced manner in recent days.  All one has to do is read the bill and listen to its supporters to get a sense of what they want.  Saving tons of money in Medicare means denying care to those who receive it — seniors in their last two years of life make up 25% of all Medicare costs.  Trimming costs means trimming that which keeps them alive.  It’s a form of euthanasia (mercy killing), usually perpetrated for the convenience of the living, healthy, young, and selfish members of society (not too young, though, before you’re born you’re a HUGE target for the other kind of legalized mercy killing). 

However, old people vote and vote often.  It’s good to see a lot of middle-aged-and-younger people at these town-hall meetings going viral everyday, but it’s the aged that need to show up and voice their opinions too.  The “Greatest Generation” may have one more battle to fight before they disappear sooner rather than later.

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Carla Axtman July 31, 2009 at 6:58 pm

This proposal is a response to those families who didn’t know their loved ones’ preferences when confronted with difficult decisions in an emergency. It empowers individuals to choose the best decisions for themselves, and better ensure their wishes are followed.

Section 1233 of the health care reform bill is being deliberately distorted.
Fact: Advance planning consultations are a completely voluntary, not mandatory.
Fact: No one will be forced to sign an advance care directive.
Fact: The legislation is endorsed by the Providence Health System, a Catholic health care provider.
Fact: Only a doctor or nurse practitioner can counsel patients.

Carla Axtman
Online Community Builder
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