The Unnatural Beer Summit

by Ryan on July 31, 2009

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They say that the worst kind of gaffe in Washington is when you tell the truth.  Not a very hopeful thought, but one that has seriously affected out dear Leader.  He goofed at his fourth televised press conference last Wednesday by actually telling us how he really feels about police regardless of his knowledge of the facts – a clear demonstration of his prejudice.  I thought Obama was supposed to be a “post-racial” President?  In twenty years he never heard a racist Reverend Wright rant either, right?

As a way to put his mistake to rest, he threw his friend Professor Gates under the bus last Friday, spread the guilt around everyone accept himself directly and thought that having a beer with Officer Crowley and Gates at the White House would smooth things over.  It was all stagecraft, photo-ops, and an otherwise clear attempt to undo his gaffe by trying to look like a regular guy concerned about race.  Plus, it was his cue to the press that they need to stop covering his gaffe and move on.

My issue with the whole thing is that Obama’s trying to be normal — meaning that it doesn’t come natural.  Look at the way he threw the opening pitch at the All-Star game:

Can you even tell which one is our President?  (I’m just sayin’)  Then, while Red Stripe and Blue Moon were the beers choice of Obama’s guests (both rather tasty), Obama tried to look normal by picking the highest selling beer in America (owned by the Belgians), Bud Light.   Wow! what a regular guy he must be! O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!  I know Bud Light is the Average Joe’s crap beer of choice, but it seemed like a poll-tested decision.  Obama drinking beer and throwing baseballs, normal Average Joe things, seem so very unnatural to me when he tries them.  He’s not naturally a regular guy and his attempts to try to be that way make him look weak and condescending.   It should have been a Wine and Cheese Summit with extended pinkies and measured swipes at the dirty plebes — that would have seemed more normal for our President.

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Chris July 31, 2009 at 6:32 pm

In that pic of the Beer Summit, it looked like one could cut the tension with a knife. I wonder if Obama charged them for the beers like he did the CEOs who came for lunch .

A quick observation on the beer choice. Officer Crowley’s choice of Blue Moon was the best out of what was there and here’s another interesting tidbit…Blue Moon is owned by the Coors Brewing Company, which has a long history of giving political donations to Republicans….

Interesting subliminal message…


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