I’ve Shrugged “Atlas”

by Ryan on August 1, 2009

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SPOILER FREE: I love the imagery — Atlas, holding the world on his shoulders, deciding it’s too much and shrugging to relieve his distress.  Doesn’t sound fun for those of us on Earth, though.

About a month ago, I heard that Ayn Rand’s tome, Atlas Shrugged, was a book all the Tea Party-types out there were reading or had read, telling others of like-mind that they must do the same.  At the Middletown Independence Day Tea Party, they raffled off two Glenn Beck books and Atlas Shrugged, with a similar kind of “You must read this!” message.  That finally pushed me over the edge to buy it and involve myself in what everybody is talking about.

Well, after nearly a month, I finished it!  I’m quite proud of that accomplishment, but believe me that reading this book was no chore as this post’s title suggests.  It’s just rather descriptive at times;  the Plume Edition I just finished is a whopping 1,168 pages so there is no way in good conscience that I would ruin this book or any part of the journey it takes you on.

You should read it, though, especially if you are someone looking to enhance your repertoire of intellectual conservative-thought.  Its though-provoking style won’t take two chapters before you can see its relevance in this Age of Obama (spoilers in link).

That Ayn Rand wrote this book in 1957 is a key indication that she and contemporaries like conservative William F. Buckley Jr. and eventually Barry Goldwater, had a real understanding of the danger inherent in letting liberal-thought mature into full fruition (a dystopic nightmare) in an age when liberalism was still quite popular.

Simply:  Read it.  Suggest it to a friend.  Discuss.  But please get going – there’s a movie coming out in 2011 and we all know what movie adaptations can do to popular perception of great books!

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