The Proletariat Doesn’t Know What’s Best For Them

by Sal on August 1, 2009

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So Obama’s poll numbers are in freefall, support for his health care plan in the toilet, and opposition to his policies in general are rising.  How can this be?  Our dear leader’s policies are so important, so critical for reinventing America?  Andrea Mitchell of State-Run Media outlet MSDNC, has figured it out!  We, the lowly proletariat, oppose the policy because we don’t know what’s best for us.

The dripping condescension of Mitchell in this video for Americans who happen to disagree with her boss on his health care policy is evident in this video, and illustrates what the elites really think of the average voter.  Americans are opposing Obama’s health care policy because it is bad policy and will destroy the best health care system in the world, not because they don’t know what’s best for them.  In fact, it is precisely as more and more people learn details of the plan that more and more people are opposed to it.  Mitchell just can’t grasp the fact that not everyone buys into the Party line, and not everyone supports Dear Leader.  Thus, in her utter lack of understanding of the average American Voter, Mitchell portrays her true beliefs on the intelligence of us peons.

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Mike August 1, 2009 at 7:47 pm

That ties in nicely with her previous comments about non-coastal Americans being rednecks.

It’s funny how those who think they know the most (i.e. Andrea Mitchell) actually know the least..


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