Blue State Collapse

by Sal on August 4, 2009

in Politics

One of the great things about our Federalist system is that it allows the states to become incubators of policy ideas, and gives the freedom of movement when those policy ideas fail or succeed.   The fate of the states is a good indicator of what kind of policies actually work, and what kind of policies don’t.  States don’t have the budget trickery to hide behind like the Federal Government does, so the consequences of policy become more apparent more quickly.

Ross Douthat of the New York Times wrote this week about that very topic, and about how during this economic recession, blue states are failing while red states are holding strong.  Says Douthat:

…flash forward to the current recession, and suddenly Texas looks like a model citizen. The Lone Star kept growing well after the country had dipped into recession. Its unemployment rate and foreclosure rate are both well below the national average. It’s one of only six states that didn’t run budget deficits in 2009.Meanwhile, California, long a paradise for regulators and public-sector unions, has become a fiscal disaster area. And it isn’t the only dark blue basket case. Eight states had unemployment over 11 percent in June; seven went for Barack Obama last November.

The truth about Liberalism is that it is unsustainable.  Time after time, liberal policies fail and show their weaknesses.  Just look at the laundry list of liberal policies.  Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt.  Welfare as enacted by the Great Society was a colossal failure.  The stimulus is a failure.

Looking at the states, California has a cap-and-trade style scheme, liberal regulations upon liberal regulations, and the state is going bankrupt.  Massachusetts (my home state) has a health care plan similar to that which Obama is trying to pass that is heading towards insolvency.  The states that are doing well have been governed by Conservative principles of limited government, and they are thriving even in the midst  of this recession.  The states that are failing, the blue states, prove yet again that Liberalism as a governing philosophy is destructive and unsustainable.

H/T: The Corner

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Barry May 29, 2011 at 10:38 am

Thanks to government unemployment benefits, nobody has to work.


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