Shouting Down the House

by Ryan on August 4, 2009

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It’s been great to see all these town hall meetings going on across the land where Dems defending Obamacare without having read the bill are getting an earful from their constituents.  I also love that the Left is completely frustrated by concerned citizens they essentially call a Republican “mob.”

However, in all the excitement something got me thinking:  it’s fine to “boo” an answer or protest outside the halls or advertise, spread literature, or gather people together for common cause, but it’s altogether different to shout down your representative without giving them a chance to defend their position, however weak it is.  Obviously the Left and the MSM are overdoing their reaction to skim off Independents and moderates during this battle in the arena of ideas. This isn’t happening all that often – the YouTube town hall video bonanza only shows brief moments of otherwise long meetings, which can easily be taken out of context for the Left’s propaganda purposes. 

But pretty soon the Obamabots and ACORN will be sent out there to counter the concerned citizens.  If violence erupts, these town halls will all be cancelled for “safety” reasons, allowing the Dems to get off the hook from facing their constituents.  This could be the Left’s next tactic to avoid hearing their constituent’s wrath.  On that wrath, I still think in the few cases where the elected functionary is shouted down beyond warrant, it’s a bad anti-intellectual move on the opposition’s part, no matter how fulfilling it may feel.

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Ron Russell August 4, 2009 at 11:00 pm

I have really enjoyed these latest townhall meetings. The Demons are stuck with explaining the unexplainable and I almost have to laugh! Sorry its been so long since my last visit. Never did get around to thanking you for adding TOTUS to you blogroll–thanks.

Maybe, just maybe things will take a turn for the better this month on this health care issue. The country simply cannot afford the proposed plan and the single payer thing would destroy the insurance industry in this country, not to mention the massive debt the country would incur.


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