AARP Betrays Its Members

by Sal on August 7, 2009

in Bioethics,Politics

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has been making a serious push for ObamaCare in recent days, marking a major betrayal of its membership in order to support its political ally in Obama.  Conservatives have always contended that organizations like the AARP and AFL-CIO were more servants of the Democrat party than organizations supporting their members, but this one proves the case.  ObamaCare’s rationed care is likely to be very harmful to seniors, yet the AARP insists on endorsing the plan.  This has not sit well with its membership.  At a recent town hall meeting in Dallas, seniors were very vocal in their Opposition to ObamaCare and the AARP betrayal, with several attendees resigning their membership from the organization.  It appears that people will only go so far into supporting organizations that are nothing more than Democrat front groups.

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