Sotomayor is Confirmed

by Ryan on August 7, 2009

in Judicial Watch,Law,Politics

With a 68-31 vote (Teddy “Fins” Kennedy was too ill to vote) the US Senate voted to confirm Sonia Sotomayor the 111th Supreme Court Justice.  Nine RINOs, Lindsey Graham among them, added their votes to 59 Dems.   She’s also the third woman and (I’m not sure if anyone knows about this) she’s the first Latina on the court!  I know, you’d think someone would have mentioned that before now!

At least she’s only replacing David Souter, and her confirmation was pretty much viewed as a foregone conclusion.  No surprise here.  Yes, she’s a judicial activist who believes her role should be less of an umpire and more of an architect of the law, but she’s only just one reliable liberal vote replacing another reliable liberal vote.  However, she’s only 55 and could conceivably be on the court for a long, long time.  That’s bad.  Elections do have consequences.

She gets officially sworn  in tomorrow by a real stand-up guy and judicial umpire, Chief Justice John Roberts.

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