Don’t Bother Sheila While She’s on the Phone

by Ryan on August 13, 2009

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This instant classic of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee talking on a cell phone during a question from a cancer survivor at a town hall meeting says everything.  Lee said later that she can multi-task, and that she was only calling the administration in order to get some “accurate” information for her constituents.  What happened to a pen and paper, or your aides jotting down questions?  Why choose then to use the phone?  Classless.

It’s politicians like Lee who really need to lose their jobs.  How many districts/states have recall initiatives ready to go?  However many, they need to be threaten people like Lee with early action — a threat to their power is all these types understand.

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Southern Girl August 14, 2009 at 5:03 pm

I can’t help but wonder how more people are not infuritated by the way these Senators and Congressmen are treating their constituents. It is disgusting.


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