Human Rights Problems in Iraq and Afghanistan

by Ryan on August 17, 2009

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No one really expected that when the Taliban collapsed and Saddam ran into his spider hole that Afghanistan and Iraq would instantly turn into Jeffersonian Democracies with full citizenship rights and beer pong being played at a co-ed colleges.  It would take some time, some prodding, some leading by example (that is, unless you’re a moral and cultural relativist like President Obama). 

Well, when you get down to it we are still dealing with Muslim nations — to put it mildly, Islam does not have a great history of social tolerance, especially dealing with women’s rights.  This history lingers on into the present day: 

Gay men are being hunted down, tortured, and killed in Iraq.  Since we tolerate homosexuality in the West, some extreme militias see gays as an unwelcome encroachment of Western values on their Muslim nation.  So they beat, maim, torture and kill some of them.  Human Rights Watch calls this “systematic,” but the reality is probably closer to random militias scapegoating their frustrations on unprotected minorities where they find them.  At least it’s not government-directed and should subside with time and pressure.

However, a new Afghan law, passed just before their elections later this week, has legalized marital rape!  A married man has the right to starve his wife if she does not have sex with him on demand, or within four days of their last sexual encounter.  Karzai signed this law (even though it was withdrawn during the Bush Administration as well as earlier this year) because he believes in power over principle and feels he needs hardliners to win reelection, even if every married woman in his country is legally open to marital rape.

Strange, I don’t see Michelle Obama out in Afghanistan preaching the intrinsic value of women and women’s rights the way Laura Bush once did.  I also don’t see outrage from this Administration at this blatant step back towards medieval Shariah law;  just wimpy UN-style protests that will go nowhere, whereas the women of Afghanistan will still have nowhere to go.  The moral relativism coming out of this Administration is sickening at times.

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paul canning August 17, 2009 at 11:24 pm

If you want to practically help send some $$$ the way of ‘Iraqi LGBT’

They run safe houses inside Iraq as well as supporting refugees in the rest of the middle east.

Whilst the HRW report is good news for raising the profile of the pogrom, only Iraqi LGBT is actually supporting people (saving them from murder) inside the country. But funds are scarce and they consequently have to turn people away.

To find out more, read their annual report which is published on their website.


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