Milk Carton Politicians

by Sal on August 17, 2009

in Politics

The term “Milk Carton Politician” was coined yesterday by Ed Morrissey to identify politicians who refuse to hold town hall meetings in August to discuss health care.  He has compiled a comprehensive list of the Senators and Representatives who have yet to hold a town hall meeting.  The idea is now taking off, as protesters in various states are starting to plaster pictures of our elected representatives on milk cartons to make a point.

I guess that those elected officials who are MIA from their constituents this August thought that by not holding a town hall, they could get away with avoiding the outrage and having to stand up for an unpopular decision.  This “milk-carton” campaign ridicules these pols, and has the potential to make the point to the public in a humorous, easy-to-understand way.  This is a great example of grassroots viral campaigns that are possible thanks to the blogosphere and the internet age.

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