Still a Center-Right Nation

by Ryan on August 18, 2009

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We can still continue to thank Ronald Reagan for his great success in turning “liberal” into a bad word in American politics.  Not only that, but Reagan’s success in promoting a conservative agenda set the basic political atmosphere we have lived under for nearly three decades.

Remember how the Democrats were the Whigs after the 2004 Election… just like the Republicans after 2008, right?  In the public’s recent anti-government mood (which existed before all the recent town hall activism), the party out of power always seems to benefit.  It’s just natural — a pox on both their houses, as far as the public’s concerned, and right now with the Dems in power they are current the victim of the public’s wrath.  The Republicans didn’t fair much better and, unless they change, won’t if they get Congress back in 2010.

Well, here comes a Gallup poll taken over the last six months of over 160,000 people asking them to identify themselves as conservative, liberal or moderate.  No state saw a majority, and most pluralities went to the moderates.  However in 0 of 50 states did “liberal” best “conservative“!  If we use the archaic French Revolution-style Left-Right model, that means (even according to Gallup) that America remains a Center-Right country in all fifty states, despite our current Obama Nation status.  Now, if the Republicans would get their heads out of their a**es and feel the pulse out there, they’d dump trying to compromise on terrible legislation and be an unabashed opposition party which stands for conservative principles like limited government and sensible pro-growth policies with people at its center, not government.

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