Alone on Obamacare

by Ryan on August 19, 2009

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Word has it from various sources that the Democrats, reading the cards (the lightning-struck Tower probably), are ready to forget bipartisan support for Obamacare and may jam it through anyway.  All this blaming of Republicans for obstructionism is laughable since with a clear majority in the House and a filibuster-proof Senate, the Dems can do anything they want without a single Republican.  All pretense aside, any Democrat plan will see the government eventually take control over 1/7th of the US economy and fundamentally alter the lives of its citizens within a decade.  It’s a really bad idea:  the people know it, the Republicans sense it, but I also believe the Dems do too. 

This desperate language coming from the Dems is a harbinger of things to come.  I believe they would pass some kind of monstrosity, making sure they leave their mark before a thorough thumping in 2010, which I believe Rahm can sense is inevitable.  Obama is just an increasingly inept mouthpiece – the agenda to secure permanent voting majorities is more important than any one individual (or the nation or freedom for that matter).

Remember when Dubya was making noises and throwing ideas around about how to fix Social Security back in 2005?  Remember all the Dems screaming that any such drastic measure MUST have bipartisan support and that the plans on the table would balloon the deficit?  Funny in retrospect.  We knew at the time that plain Democrat obstructionism and fear that their political control of SS would be seriously diminished destroyed any sense of cooperation which may have existed.  The plans on the table weren’t all that great, but the Dems language was telling.  Add that to their 1998 screaming about Saddam’s grave threat, then outright protest by 2003 regarding the graveness of that threat and we see a pattern developing:  bipartisanship simply means agreeing with Democrats. 

Eleven years after “Operation Desert Fox” and four years after that ill-fated SS reform, the Dems are in the midst of demonstrating that they aren’t interested in what the masses think, were never truly interested in Republican support beyond a vain attempt to provide cover for their more vulnerable candidates, and may act against the will and best-interest of the people in order to make their mark like stubborn punk kids.

I thought Republicans were the only ones obsessed with jumping on their swords to prove a point?

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