Cash for Clunkers Headed to the Scrap Heap?

by Mike on August 20, 2009

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The Obama Administration is claiming that the cash for clunkers program will come to an end on Monday.  Apparently there just isn’t enough money to keep the program going.  Why can’t the Obama Administration apply this kind of thinking across the board?

In any event, this program’s demise, even if temporary is welcome.  It’s not that a short-term stimulus targeted at a struggling auto industry is necessarily a bad thing.  It’s just that the top-down approach of giving a government check to dealers to take drivable cars out of the market was misguided.

What the Administration should have done was to take a bottom up approach by providing a tax deduction to those who purchased a car, allowing people to purchase any car of their choosing without requiring dealers to take perfectly marketable cars out of the free market.  That way, the government wouldn’t have had to spend money they didn’t have, people would have spent their own money in the most efficient manner possible, and people who could only afford a used car would have been able to buy a car rather than having the car senselessly destroyed.

But that would have involved trusting the plebs to make their own decisions.  Obama would never go for that.  And no AP, the program is not popular.  Don’t you have entire departments devoted to research?

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Cars4Charities August 21, 2009 at 9:34 am

Cash for clunkers can’t end soon enough for car donation charities as we have taken a major hit as a result of it.


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