Obama Channels God

by Ryan on August 20, 2009

in Politics,Religion

I thought Obama was God, or perhaps his avatar on Earth? 

Oh, I forgot, he merely thinks he’s God!

More evidence of that on Wednesday when news came out about a conference call Obama had with some “progressive” religious leaders (whatever “progressive” implies in that case) in which Our Most Beneficent Leader accused some anti-Obamacare activists of “bearing false witness“ during this recent debate.  Our Leader also made sure that the ministers understood that getting his single-payer vision into law was a “core ethical and moral obligation.” 

I was waiting for Obama’s version of Algore’s growlly Southern minister impression!  Didn’t happen though, unfortunately.  Rush had a little fun with this today as Obama, once again, brought up the “brother’s keeper” line while his half-brother still lingers in real African squalor.  If that’s how he “keeps” his own brother, then what are we in for?!

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