Keeping the Kennedy Klan in Power

by Ryan on August 21, 2009

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Ted Kennedy is dying.  He couldn’t even attend his sister’s funeral last week.  He knows that he probably doesn’t have long before he cannot discharge his duties as the senior Senator from the Commonwealth (sorry, People’s State) of Massachusetts. 

Back in 2004, Massacusetts’ most apt swimmer had little problem with a bill prohibiting the governor from appointing a vacant Senate seat until the next scheduled election.  Why?  Because John “F’in” Kerry was supposed to beat George W. Bush, and Massachusetts’ Republican Governor Mitt Romney was not to be allowed to replace Kerry with a Republican.  

Now that Kennedy can see the end of his career approaching, he’s imploring the legislature and Governor Deval Patrick to revert to pre-2004 law, rather than rely on the new special-election system.  Why? 

Despite Kennedy’s plea that Massachusetts needs both Senators functioning during the Obamacare debate, Deval Patrick is a Democrat and would undoubtedly put in a “filler” until Kennedy’s son Patrick (“Patches”) can set up legal residence and swoop into office two years from now.  That’s how Kennedy got his job back in 1962 — a family friend and Democrat shill was put in as a seat-warmer until Ted turned 30 to legally fill the spot his brother the President had vacated to go to the White House.  It was a family affair back then and still is now; one last Kennedy legacy by having little “Patches” fill the family’s storied Senate seat.  The seat belongs to them, didn’t you know?  It’s very shady, but I wouldn’t put it past the “Mass-holes” in office up there to acquiesce to Kennedy’s demands as his health deteriorates further in the weeks and months ahead.

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