GOP Doctors Against ObamaCare

by Sal on August 23, 2009

in Politics

The House and Senate GOP has been making use of the doctors in its caucus.  The GOP boasts among its membership 9 doctors in the House of Representatives, and the only two doctors in the Senate.  This has led to some great anti-ObamaCare PR from the GOP, from the Senate Doctor’s Show, to some addresses by various GOP congressional doctors.  This one, from Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) does the job quite nicely.  He frames the practice of medicine of requiring doctors to be able to examine the unique individual situations and health of their patients.  Price argues that by going to ObamaCare, we will end up with a one-size-fits-all approach to health care.   Americans don’t want that.  Most Americans can see the value of the personal relationship that patients have with their doctors.  Price’s short address has credibility, resonates, and is to the point.

H/T: The Patriot Room

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Michelle September 11, 2009 at 8:18 pm

As an RN, I simply do not get why groups like the AMA and Pharmaceutical groups are supporting Obamacare. Do they not know that the administration cannot be trusted period no less with our healthcare? Doctors as the primary customers of the big pharmaceutical companies should make their displeasure of the Pharma ‘s support of Obamacare known by refusing to prescribe any name brand drugs for a month , for example, No Name November. I personally am requesting generic rx only until they drop their support of this socialized medical reform. Let your voice be heard. It’s time to fight back.


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