Ted Kennedy Dies at 77

by Ryan on August 26, 2009

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The Liberal Lion of the Senate, Senator Edward M. Kennedy died from brain cancer late last night at the age of 77.  The sudden nature of his passing took me by surprise, though it was less than a week ago that he was imploring Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to appoint Kennedy’s replacement as soon as possible (though the law in Massachusetts doesn’t work that way). 

It’s hard to be in the Senate for 47 years and a brother to both a President and Attorney General and not get a few things done.  History will judge that which Ted Kennedy accomplished.  Right now it’s all about platitudes and nostalgia, but time will pass and the picture will become clearer.  Today it should be about consolation and respect for a departed soul, not Chappaquiddick and the liquid lunches.  A major liberal force is gone, but so is a human being.

I already have my opinions, one of which is that Kennedy did more to foster government dependence and accelerate the coming Entitlement Crisis than anyone currently in office.  He was great at creating Democrat voting blocs and at reading the tea leaves:  for instance, when he tossed his Clinton alliance aside last year for Barry.   He benefited from a health care system he sought to take away from those of us who might still have access to it, but all in the spirit of trying to reach out to the less fortunate.  Like most liberals, he was full of noble motives with terrible solutions.

Ted Kennedy was a man people could work with, one whose family touched the lives of many Americans, and who served his country for decades trying to reach out with noble motives on par with his departed siblings.  A political titan is gone today (one I hardly ever agreed with) but when a worthy foe falls, a moment of respect is due.

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Mark in Boston August 27, 2009 at 12:52 am

Thanks for your comments about Ted Kennedy. While I may have some liberal views, I also am concerned about the climate of dependency that some government programs cause.

By and large, I think programs that defer personal crisis and promote social stability are good for you, me, and the welfare of our cointry.

I support Medicare and Social Security. Ted Kennedy did much to change discrimination against collegiate female athletes. Surely you can’t fault that?

Whether you despise the entire Kenney family (and there are many that do) or do not, at least Ted Kennedy followed his conscience, which is the best anyone can do. RIP, Ted.


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