Cindy Sheehan Returns!

by Ryan on August 28, 2009

in Politics,The Iraq Front,War on Terror

Ahhh… this is actually refreshing! 

Finally, a vocal liberal being consistent on the war!  No other than Cindy Sheehan returns to her anti-war protests, this time focusing on President Obama during his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.  Her squat-spot, “Camp Casey,” reopens in Massachusetts just in time for Obama’s stay.  While there, she’s even invoked Ted Kennedy’s vote against the Iraq War back in 2002 as his proudest moment (so here’s another way to use Kennedy’s death for political purposes).

I’ve been waiting for a high-profile liberal to point out that US troops are still in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan is being escalated, not ended.  I really have no big problems with either of those facts as they stand today, but I remember that liberals once did, oh about ten months ago.  It’s been awfully quiet on the liberal anti-war activist front since Barry became Our Leader.

So while I still think Cindy Sheehan is an unfortunate victim of left-wing anti-war propaganda activists taking advantage of her son’s valiant death in Iraq, she is at least sticking to her beliefs in the face of the Almighty Obama.  She’s horribly wrong, but she’s consistent.

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