Tedy Bruschi to Retire

by Ryan on August 31, 2009

in Sports

New England Patriots inside linebacker Tedy Bruschi is set to announce today that after 13 seasons and 5 Super Bowls, it is finally time for him to retire.  Not only was Bruschi a class-act, but he was a critical part of the Patriots’ “bend-but-don’t-break” defense that carried the Pats to three Super Bowl victories in four years earlier this decade.  He may not make it into the Hall of Fame, but his records with the Patriots make him a permanent fixture in Pats history.

However, since Bruschi suffered a mild stroke after the 2004 season every moment on the field has been a gamble.  So, I don’t expect him to pull a Favre and come back again again and again.  He’s always been tough, with a great work ethic, staying loyal to the Pats even when offered more money from other teams, and had one of the best pro-sports names:  who wouldn’t want a “Brewsky” with them at their football game?  As a Pats fan, he will be sorely missed, but how much more could a fan ask for than what Bruschi gave week after week, season after season?

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Chris August 31, 2009 at 5:43 pm

As we know, I’m no Patriots fan (Go Giants!) but I truly admire Tedy Bruschi! He’s been a great player and a great ambassador for his team and the NFL. Many players should follow him as an example, especially some ex-Giants that come to mind. Especially coming back from a stroke and playing every bit as good as before the stroke was an amazing thing!

Let’s hope the Pats retire his number!


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