Democrats Try to Morph Debate on Health Care

by Ryan on September 2, 2009

in Election 2010,Politics

In the coming weeks, the Dems will be trying to repackage a politically stinky bag of excrement:  reshaping their terrible health care initiatives and blaming Republicans for obstructionism.  What a whining bunch of wusses!  They control everything yet still shift blame to the other guys!  Sounds like Rhode Island politics is going national.

Republican Senators Mike Enzi and Chuck Grassley don’t want a compromise bill that has a public option, but David Axelrod isn’t satisfied.  He’s living by an old maxim which states:  Compromise equals agreeing with the Democrat’s position.  But with his boss hemorrhaging at the polls and Democrats nationwide seeking poor-me pow-wows, mental therapy, and group hugs after their Town Hall experiences, it’s tough to see how a more aggressive approach towards this health care bag of excrement works for them in the end. 

But I guess that’s how Libs work in the recesses of their child-like minds – if I scream louder than you, I’ll win.  Is it possible that September will be more fun than August?  That would be great, of course, but not likely.  I think they’ll try to cool things down for a while.

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