The Van Jones Affair

by Ryan on September 4, 2009

in Media Bias,Politics,Tyranny

Radical communist activist Van Jones is President Obama’s Green Jobs “Advisor” and has such dangerous views it would cause most to question what he’s doing there.  While crickets sound from the MSM, Glenn Beck has been all over this.  Here’s a clip from yesterday’s show where he goes through Van Jones’s issues and others who surround Obama:

I like how Beck gives us two things to think about in this matter: either the FBI really dropped the ball, or Obama is absolutely fine with a guy like Jones (recently discovered to be at “9/11 Truther”, by the way) advising his administration.  It’s a political dichotomy that can’t stand without response.

Obama has thrown his pastor, his grandma, and the Constitution under the bus with relative ease, but as of now seems very unwilling to throw Van Jones under that same bus.  Obama’s in a tough place on this one:  he has so many radicals around him in high places that to willingly dismiss one of them is likely to snowball into calls for all of his czars and unvetted advisers to step down or submit to Congressional questioning or vetting. 

Of course, that would be awesome as well as good for the country and Constitution, but it is something Obama needs to mull over before adding to his buses’ bumpy ride.

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