Radical Van Jones Resigns

by Ryan on September 6, 2009

in Economy,Media Bias,Politics

Commie radical 9/11 Truther Van Jones has quietly resigned from his position as Obama’s Green Jobs Czar.  I figured this would be a gamble for Obama:  he obviously couldn’t fire him, but letting him resign quietly in the middle of a holiday weekend before Obama’s busy week of youth indoctrination and shilling radical health care reform in front of Congress gets rid of a huge distraction — something had to give.

However, by letting all this go down, Obama has shown more of his trademark weakness and invites all of his unconfirmed czars and advisers to fall under the same kind of scrutiny, perhaps even with some actual MSM coverage  this time (not holding my breath though).  Glenn Beck scored a big one here for himself (and of course for the nation as well), so I think he’ll be more emboldened — he may even inspire more members of Congress to man-up on the czar problem too.

Van Jones was the most obvious target to go after first because he’s a communist radical Truther.  I mean, duh!, the Right should have been all over this since April!  Van Jones was too easy in that sense.  The other radicals around Obama will take more work and continued diligence.  Just how many radicals does Obama have working for him?  The answer could be more than anyone knows at the moment, which continues to leave unanswered the most important question about this whole Affair:  does Obama know his advisers are radical nuts, or is it the FBI’s fault for letting these crackpots through the vetting process unchecked? 

I kind of have a hunch as to the answer.

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Chris September 6, 2009 at 12:48 pm

I’ll look forward to hearing what Glenn Beck has to say on Tuesday and also who will be next on the show…maybe Carol Browning or Cass Sunstein…those are two of the wackiest czars that come to mind…


Ryan September 6, 2009 at 7:11 pm

I think Sunstein might be the next deserving target. I’d also like Beck to tie Ezekiel Emanuel much closer to his brother Rahm. Maybe guilt-by-association can work in the country’s favor in that case!

Of course, I’d like the MSM to do their job and take care of reporting these things themselves, but in the meantime if the MSM wants to continue to help the careers of Beck, Rush, and everyone else in the conservative media they hate, then good for them.


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