Labor Day Starting Line

by Ryan on September 7, 2009

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Happy Labor Day!  As the official last day of Summer (from a cultural perspective), it’s time to get the barbecue and beer out one last time before closing up the pool and settling into weekends lost on the couch watching football.

This is also the last day of Summer from a political point of view:  The Summer of the Town Hall is over and many questions need answering, especially this one:  How will the Dems proceed on Health Care after the thumping most of them got in August?  There are serious political pitfalls depending on their path.  

We’ll also get a taste of something else:  we will find out what kind of politician Obama really is.  His approval rating is terribly low in many polls and trending worse.  Some have argued that Obama is not Jimmy Carter, doesn’t play by the same set of political rules, and is a “true believer” as it were on the necessity of radical change.  Obama is making similar mistakes to those we made during the early Depression, which eventually turned it into the Great Depression.  In a sense, he’s been stuck running for President, rather than being a President.  But those days are ending — we’ll likely see a real, decision-making President Obama in the coming months.

So, unfortunately all the verve, excitement and passion shown this summer at Town Halls across this nation will likely only be a starting point.  The Dems may ignore the signs and proceed with their radical agenda anyway.  Obama is likely to repackage the same health care bag-of-excrement by putting shiny flowers on it and maybe a pretty bow: “triggers,” “co-ops” or whatever the latest time-bomb is called.  Just think too:  Afghanistan’s day of reckoning is coming, Holder’s CIA investigations may ensue with vigor, illegal immigration is also on the docket, and increasing inflationary pressures also await us this Fall.  Don’t put away the signs just yet, we’ve only just reached the starting line.

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