Ann Coutler on Joe Wilson

by Ryan on September 12, 2009

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In case you missed it here’s what happened Wednesday night when the President gave his 29th speech on Health Care (because apparently we just didn’t hear him the first 28 times):

Truth is that the President either did lie or was ignorant of the fine print in HR 3200 (the only real bill out there) which covers illegals (and abortions) by default.  Joe Wilson knows these things because he’s on the committee which deals with this issue and knows the truth.  Wilson did apologize nonetheless and the White House accepted, but not to the satisfaction of the Dems who’d like to keep him on TV apologizing every evening until November 2010.

While I’m not as convinced as Ann Coulter about the level of Joe Wilson’s statesmanship, I agreed with most of what Annie C said on Hannity last night.  I thought she made a great point about what Obama forced the Republicans to endure, since the speech should have been properly given from the White House or to the Democrat caucus: 

Also, remember this gem from February 2, 2005?  That “booing” was not from one man, it was from an entire party.  Double standard?  Yup.  My only problem with this issue is that now we’re talking about Wilson, not about the Obama Care.  Wilson should have understood that and kept quiet knowing the MSM would over-do it and fake outrage.  But after a month of Town Halls, I can’t see too many people out there getting overly upset about Wilson calling a lie a lie straight to the liar.

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