Movie Review — 9

by Ryan on September 12, 2009

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From the moment I saw the first trailer for “9″ at Transformers 2 in June, I had a feeling I’d like this movie.  I wasn’t let down by anything but its short duration.  The digital animation was top-notch and the mood was always dark or impending.  The first cartoon movie I ever saw in the theaters was The Black Cauldron – the darkest Disney movie ever.  The Dark Crystal, Watership Down, and the Rankin-Bass Hobbit movies were also amongst those Gen-X children’s films I grew up with which were all dark, with complex moral lessons and violence.  If animated with paint and ink or donning real puppets, “9″ could easily fit into that list of films.

This is not a kid’s movie, but a dark children’s film.  There is a lesson/moral in this film that I actually heard some pre-teens discussing with their parents on the way out.  It’s a short film, about 79-minutes, but there is a psychological underpinning behind all of the characters, good and bad.  Each doll (named in order of their creation, starting with 1 and ending with 9) has unique personality characteristics which are fascinating beyond their own sake, plus all of them are kind of cool in their own way.  Even the machines have a deeper psychological purpose in this film beyond their mere presence. 

I would give this movie an A- for a grade on its merits, but it is too short and was screaming to be even more psychological than it ended up.  So deducting those points, “9″ still ends up with a B+/B.  By the way, in many numerological traditions (including Biblical tradition) the number 9 represents the true-self, adding another layer to the characters in this film.

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