Attack on the Pledge? It Must Be September!

by Ryan on September 14, 2009

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Like clockwork, it’s September and the ACLU is at it again attacking the Pledge of Allegiance in schools!  Extending the idea that the students don’t have to say the Pledge in some states, they want those children to be informed by their teachers and administrators that they don’t have to say the Pledge – what some are calling a “Miranda warning” to remain silent during the Pledge, inferring that the Pledge is something wrong or potentially criminal. 

Here’s my take:  I think students without conscientious objection must say the Pledge or at least stand and be quiet.  The Pledge is just a 30-second part of the school day, and an important one at that.  Without a sense of loyalty to our basic principles and the political foundation of their protection, our sense of identity weakens and our society diminishes.  Unfortunately, that concept is only important to those who believe America has something valuable to contribute to ourselves and this world.  The mere idea of compulsory education is a kind of social, political, and economic indoctrination in and of itself, saying that we approve of those values in this society and compel our children to obey.

On the incessant ”under God” controversy:  simply put, this is only an issue because our public schools are so bad at educating our kids.  We don’t teach our kids where our rights derive from.  Call it “God,” “Nature,” “natural law,” or whatever you like, the basic notion that our rights are not granted to us by the state, but intrinsic and must be protected by that state is not taught to our kids in public school.  Without “God” or some state of “natural law” as the source of our rights, the state becomes the source of our rights.  Look to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia as examples of what happens when “God” is taken out of the formula and the state starts interpreting the intrinsic value of its citizens and others.

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