RedState Takes On the NRSC

by Sal on September 14, 2009

in Election 2010,Politics

It is no secret that I am disgusted with the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for not supporting Conservative candidates in the primaries, and instead supporting RINOs who they believe are the only path to victory.  Having NRSC backing gives candidates a huge advantage in primaries in regards to fund raising, ad buys, and general support of the RNC machine.  Historically, this has not worked out well for Republicans.  To the objection of Conservatives, the NRSC supported Lincoln Chafee over Steve Laffey and Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey.  Both of those worked out fabulously.

To help to counter the weight of the NRSC, RedState has started a fundraising campaign for four true Conservative politicians who have been abandoned by the NRSC.  They are:

  • Marco Rubio, running in Florida against extreme RINO Charlie Crist
  • Pat Toomey, whom the NRSC has abandoned because they don’t want to “waste resources” in a race that they think Benedict Arlen Specter will win.
  • Michael Williams of Texas, running for Kay Baley Hutchinson’s seat, since for some unknown reason she is mounting a primary challenge against popular Republican (and Conservative) Gov. Rick Perry.
  • Chuck DeVore, a popular Conservative in California, who is running in the primaries against McCain-favorite Carly Fiorina, for Sen. Barbara Boxer’s Senate Seat.  The NRSC endorsed Fiorina because she was a moderate woman who had a huge war chest.  Turns out, she is not using any of her personal finances to run.

Organizations like RedState are going to have to counter the NRSC machine if we are ever to get Conservative candidates to win elections.  Conservatives don’t always win tough elections, but they stand just as good of a chance as RINOs in most cases.  If the GOP fought for good, well-spoken Conservatives like Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Michael Williams, and Chuck DeVore, the GOP bench would look a lot more promising.  As it is, the message the NRSC is sending is that Conservative candidates don’t get support.  RedState, and organizations like them, beg to differ.

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Phyllis September 14, 2009 at 9:56 pm

Thank you REDSTATE. It’s time the conservatives become their own party within the party. Cornyn is the one in charge of this. He’s ONLY interested in name recognition and them being able to fund their own elections. That tells me he is setting them up for defeat. Who is Cornyn working for anyway? When I get letters for monetary support from the NRSC I send it back, using their “no postage needed” envelope giving them a piece of my mind. I suggest all true conservatives do the same. I’m not a Republican. I’m an Independent. I left the Republican Party precisely for these types of reasons. They HAVE NOT learned their lesson. Time for Cornyn to go.


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