Three Strikes for ACORN

by Sal on September 14, 2009

in Politics

The “ACORN supports prostitution and the exploitation of women” has been all over the news for the past week.  Now, in yet another instance of this ACORN scandal, video from New York City essentially shows an ACORN official promoting prostitution, marking the third time that this has occurred in three separate cities.

One time could be attributed to a rouge employee:

Twice could be attributed to coincidence:

But three times?  It exhibits a culture of corruption and immorality that exists within the ACORN organization, which has been one of Obama’s chief organizing forces in the election and the aftermath.

Now, it seems, three strikes and your out.  The Senate has voted tonight to cut housing subsidies to ACORN (gotta love Ace of Spade’s Flaming Acorn image), and it passed 83-7.  Looks  like the heat was too much for the Democrats, as they would have a hard time defending funds appropriated to an organization that promotes prostitution.  ACORN’s response?  They want another $6 Million in funding.  Talk about tone-deaf.  To quote Jim Geraghty:

With just three videos, @andrewbreitbart & turned ACORN into the political equivalent of the Ebola virus.

It serves them right.  ACORN has been responsible for a lot of voter fraud and shady practices over the years, and contributed to the housing crisis which lead to he current economic recession.  I will not shed a tear if they now go belly-up.

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