Jimmy Carter Joins the “Racist” Chorus

by Ryan on September 16, 2009

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Jimmy Carter is a bitter old coot and much of what he says either makes most people roll their eyes or remind them bitterly of those dark years before Reagan.  However, sensing a kindred mess in Obama and feeling very comfortable with the Obamabots at NBC, Carter plays the race card as blatant as one can:

A few weeks ago, New York Governor David Paterson was all about playing the race card to deflect from his completely inept job performance as governor as well — a weak, cowardly and false position to take.  The last refuge of the broken, angry liberal is to scream “Racism!” at their opponents so they don’t have to face the embarrassment of defending their intellectually weak positions. 

Today, Samuel Benoit at the American Thinker had a satirical take on how everybody who criticizes anything about Obama is a racist.  Barack Obama is more German than I am (I’m not German, but Obama is a little) and the mere demographic fact that without white votes we’d be discussing issues surrounding the doddering weak-kneed moderate President McCain should put this issue to rest in the minds of reasonable people.  Anyone who does not have a financial or political interest in the race business tends to think that this kind of race-baiting nonsense is getting very old and does nothing to advance the discussion.

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