Height of Liberal Hypocrisy in Massachusetts

by Sal on September 18, 2009

in Politics

In 2004, when Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) was expected by the political and chattering classes to defeat President George W. Bush in the presidential election, the People’s Republic of Massachusetts decided to change its Senatorial succession laws.  Up to that point, when a vacancy occurred, the Governor of the state would appoint a replacement to fill out the term.  At the time, the Governor of Massachusetts was Mitt Romney, so most people assumed that he would appoint a Republican to fill John Kerry’s seat, and we could have none of that!  At the time, a proposal was made to change the law to fill the vacancy by means of a special election.  It was hotly debated and then passed by the Massachusetts Legislature with a veto-proof majority.

During that debate, Republicans in the legislature (yes, there are a few brave Republicans in the Massachusetts state legislature) proposed an amendment to the bill that would have allowed the Governor to appoint an interim replacement until the special election could be held.  That proposal was soundly rejected by the Democrats, and the new law went into effect.  John Kerry ended up going down in defeat, so the law was never put into practical practice until now.

With Sen. Ted Kennedy’s passing, the Massachusetts Democrats are in a bind.  The new special election law puts the date of the election in January, removing a liberal vote from the Senate during the Health Care and Cap-and-trade debates.  The vacant seat brings the Democrat’s count down to 59, one vote less than what is needed to invoke cloture.

Yesterday, the MA House of Representatives passed a bill that would give the Governor the power to appoint an interim Senator (H/T:  The Patriot Room), the same power that the Republicans had suggested four years ago.  This is the height of political hypocrisy, and smacks of political opportunism.  The fate of the legislation is listed as “uncertain” in the Massachusetts Senate, but expect some arm twisting by the Obama administration to get this legislation passed and give the Democrats the needed 60th vote in the Senate.

Democrats have a history of skirting election laws to meet their own political ends.  In the 2000 election, Al Gore wanted votes to be counted only in specific counties.  In 2002, Robert Toricelli resigned his seat, and the Democrats ended up with Sen. Frank Lautenburg on the ballot, even though New Jersey Law did not allow a ballot change at that late date.  In Minnesota that same year, with Sen. Paul Wellstone’s passing, the Democrats illegally forced former Vice President Walter Mondale on the ballot, only to have him defeated by former Sen. Norm Coleman.  You never hear about this kind of hypocritical political opportunism from Republicans, yet the Democrats feel that the rules (even the ones that they themselves make) don’t apply to them in the name of political expediency.  It is the height of liberal hypocrisy, and it goes beyond election issues.  It permiates every aspect of their policy agenda from Health Care to being against school choice.  It’s time they were exposed as the hypocrites that they are.

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rightonoz September 19, 2009 at 11:40 pm

I agree the hypocrisy of this one is stunning to say the least.

I do have to take exception with your accusing the Dems exclusively of skirting the law (On the other hand, our Labor party the Dem Equiv do – ‘vote early and often!’).

Say what you like, there is enough to suggest that practices in Miami the year GWB first won were questionable on both sides. I won’t go into it all again, however no one side of politics in the US has a lock on being right and honest, they’ve both been caught out – admit it! Even our own Lib/National were shown to have given out some questionable grants just before an election.

Thats Politics – They’re (almost) all bent!


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