ACORN Target on Late Night TV

by Ryan on September 19, 2009

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Jay Leno had a little fun with ACORN last week on his new show.  Being that it’s on NBC, I’m pretty sure no one saw it so here’s snippet:

If conservative values end up being defended at the expense of liberal ones in the popular culture, a sea-change is definitely underway.  What I mean is:  if it becomes cool to pick on ACORN, they have no chance!  I know ACORN is an enormous target and an easy punchline, but if Lib organizations and causes can be turned into the pop culture jokelines they are, Liberalism is in serious trouble.  All Libs have in the popular culture is their image (certainly not their substance) – the perception of being “nice” and “caring” about things.  Take that perception away from them and get out the popcorn as we watch them implode.

H/T: Hot Air

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