Former CIA Chiefs to Obama: Cut It Out!

by Ryan on September 19, 2009

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Adding another piece of evidence that the Obama Administration is at worst dangerous and at best inept, a letter was circulated yesterday from seven of America’s former CIA chiefs imploring the Obama Administration to end their incessant investigations into that agency for the following reasons:  the issues at hand have already been thoroughly investigated;  reopening these kinds of cases reflect the dangerous precedent of criminalizing politics;  it causes our agents to second-guess themselves in the field, making them less likely to take chances or dig deeper;  and this stymies the CIA’s ability to gain cooperation with foreign governments on intelligence issues.

Obama could stop this today, but nothing has come out since yesterday to suggest that he will.  Cynically, this looks like an attempt to throw anti-Bush/Cheney Administration red meat to the Liberal fringe in order to get them jazzed up about the President’s failing initiatives, namely health care, at the expense of our “overseas contingency operations” and the functional ability of the CIA itself. 

The ridiculous thing about all this from a political point of view is that if another major attack happens in the USA, Obama is politically positioning himself such that there’s no one to blame but himself.  It makes no sense to weaken our defenses when they’ve worked well for eight years, unless they are driven by an ideology bent on diminishing America and making us less safe.  I don’t want to believe that — is this Administration daft or dangerous?  It’s a terrible question to even have to ask.

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Ron Russell September 19, 2009 at 3:56 pm

The Democrats have a long, long history of gutting the CIA, but this is the first time I can recall them doing it in a time of war. Obama is hiding behind others like Eric Holder, but we all know this is his doing and he and he alone is pulling the strings. Could it be his motives are less than transparent, maybe he has something in his past to hide. He already controls the FBI via Eric Holder and now he going after the only other real threat to whatever secrets he is hiding from the American people—-something stinks here!


rightonoz September 19, 2009 at 11:32 pm

Conspiracy Theory!

Come off it guys, there is enough evidence out there already that points to illegal actions on the part of the CIA and at very least Cheney (Give GWB the benefit of the doubt, he may not have known all that was going on)! Hiding behind the ‘time of war’ bullshit is just that.

For those who inist that the ‘questinable’ torture practices were necessary to save US lives, the most sucessful interrigator of WWII (perhaps all time) refused to condone ANY form of torture. The wealth of information he and his team secured was essential in the winning of that war. Check the history books – look under UK


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