Happy Fall!

by Ryan on September 22, 2009

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This afternoon, just after 5:15pm, it became fall in the Garden State.  Fall’s my favorite season:  football’s back, I get paid again, in-season apples, hayrides, Halloween, my birthday, and so on.  Plus, I love light-jacket weather with a slightly chilly evening — must be a New England thing.

Anyway, I used to love this TV commercial because it reminded me of Fall-time, I was in college getting ready to begin my teaching internships when I first saw it (1998-ish… college was a little blurry), and I liked the general vibe of the song.  I looked for that song, “Pink Moon” by Nick Drake for years (before the days of Google’s instant Internet question gratification), by stumbling across a song on the “Garden State” Soundtrack by Drake.  I still don’t really know what a “pink moon” is and I never owned a Cabrio, but I still like the commercial:

Happy Fall.

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