Shady Practices In Promoting ObamaCare

by Sal on September 23, 2009

in Politics

This has been the week of exposing shady practices in the Obama Administration’s promotion of its proposed ObamaCare legislation.  First, the ever-compelling blog network run by Andrew Breitbart (who exposed the ACORN scandal), has uncovered tapes of a high-ranking Obama staffer offering grant money to artists through the National Endowment of the Arts, if only they push ObamaCare, Cap-and-Tax, and other Obama initiatives.

Then, Sen. Max Baucus threatened insurance-company Humana for sending out a mailing to its customers stating that ObamaCare will cut Medicare.  This is a documented fact, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  Medicare Advantage (or Medicare Part C) is a modern-version of Medicare that has been wildly successful.  It was created by the Republicans in 1997 to give Medicare recipients choice.  Rather than the traditional fee-for-service plans of traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage allows block grants to go with the patient to private insurance plans.  The plan has been so successful that at least 25% of Medicare recipients are enrolled in it after roughly a decade of implementation, and the plan itself generates a profit (an indication that private industry will always beat out the government).  Democrats have never liked this wildly successful plan, so they have designs to cut it extensively to pay for ObamaCare, and now are threatening legal action against a private company for telling the truth.

Finally, a recent development explains why the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is heavily promoting ObamaCare, even though its member base stands to lose a lot as part of the plan.  It seems that the pending legislation would provide a huge financial boon to the AARP, making it worth their while to promote the legislation.  Kickbacks, anyone?

Overall, the tactics used by the administration to rally supporters and depress opponents of ObamaCare have been found to be shady at best, and possibly illegal in some cases.  This doesn’t even get into the sneaky parliamentary procedures they are planning to try to get it passed.  The administration is desperate for ObamaCare to pass, both for the perceived success of the Obama Administration, and for the long-term statist designs that the left has on this country.  It is obvious that they will stoop to almost any means to get done what very few people in this country want.

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