Be On the Lookout for Suspicious Nondescript Men in Subway Stations

by Mike on September 25, 2009

in Media Bias,Politics,War on Terror

We here at AOR are usually pretty tough on the mainstream media, but this is an instance where we have to give credit where credit is due.  The CBS affiliate in Philadelphia has provided a valuable service by alerting the public to the fact that Philadelphia police are on the lookout for a group of suspicious men who have been photographing the Philadelphia subway system, while reporting it in a sensitive way.

One thing our nation has learned since September 11, 2001 is that we must be constantly vigilant against the threat of terrorism man-made disasters.  In fact, vigilance against terrorist attacks man-made disasters is almost as important as not offending those who may feel like outsiders.  Thankfully, the CBS newsflash is successful on both fronts.  Not only did CBS inform Philadelphia that suspicious activity is afoot.  They also made sure that their description of the suspects contained no identifying feature other than the fact that the suspects were men.  No mention of race, ethnicity, religion.  Nothing.  Bravo!

So Philadelphians, make sure you do your part in the War on Terror Initiative to Preserve the Self-Esteem of Disadvantaged Groups in the Midst of Man-Made Disasters.  Alert the authorities right away if you see a nondescript man with a camera.

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