Netanyahu Calls Out the UN

by Ryan on September 25, 2009

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Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech to the United Nations stating plainly that Iran is insidiously destabilizing the region through proxy wars, openly threatening Israel while denying the Holocaust, and thumbing its nose at the IAEA (not big deal there, but an honorable mention seemed obligatory).  Hence, a stronger hand is needed by the world community to deal with what will potentially be the first nuclear nation that openly sponsors terrorism (generally a bad combination in my view). 

In a bold move, Netanyahu called the UN out, defending democracy and freedom against an aggressive tyrannical regime in Iran — you know, the kind of stuff a bold President should have said in such absolute terms defending one of our closest allies.  But, Obama doesn’t seem to brag much about America and our long history of defending freedom and resisting tyranny very much in front of dictators. 

Anyway, here’s the part of Netanyahu’s speech which has stirred the most buzz:

In contrast, Obama’s big line in regards to Israel was “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements” and his take on Iran is to break a 30-year precedent of meeting them without preconditions.  Really, really poor.  I think Obama should definitely take some lessons in leading a free nation from BB.

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Chris September 26, 2009 at 12:22 am

I wish we could trade Obama for Netanyahu (he is AWESOME!!!) the same way the Jets traded for the pick to get Sanchez.

Bibi’s speech was inspiring, deeply honest in a time of revisionism, and he took apart the whole ridiculous Ahmadenijad argument of the Holocaust being a lie with documented evidence. We may very well be looking at Israel’s best PM!!!


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