Obama: More Time in Failing Schools Equals Success

by Ryan on September 28, 2009

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A conclusion one can make by the fact that American elementary school children score amongst the best in the world while American high school kids score terribly when compared to our international counterparts would be that the longer a child spends in the American public education system, the dumber they get — I should know, I teach in a public school. 

So, what’s Obama’s solution to this?  Kids need to spend MORE time in the failing system, with longer school days and shortened summer vacations!  Typical government m.o.:  our program isn’t working, so let’s put MORE money and resources into it!   Importantly, you’ll have to pay teachers, support staff and the custodians enough to compensate for the extended work time, along with more vigorous maintenance expenses since the desks, paper, electronics, chalkboards, and bathrooms, etc. will be used more and wear out faster.  Where will the local towns get the cash to compensate?  Higher property taxes of course, along with more reliance on state and national government funds, which means less local control.  Great.  The above link indicates that we already spend more time in schools than other nations who score better than we do, so classroom-time is not the most critical factor; it’s what’s going on in those classrooms.

As a teacher I wouldn’t mind shorter, more frequent breaks rather than a two-month hiatus in the summer.  I also believe that at age 14 the kids should take a test directing them to a trade school or college prep course with real internships their last two years – despite what we tell our kids, they ain’t all going to college and wasting their time from 10-12th grade does nothing but increase the dropout rate and keep our kids stagnant at an important time in their development.  Teach them a skill or send them off to university.   Those are reasonable changes what wouldn’t cost much more after the initial transition, instantly improve the workforce and give some kids the sense that their education is worth something.

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